Student Services offers a wide variety of resources for students. Visit their website for more information on what Student Services offers.

SILP students may particularly be interested in:

  • Health and Wellness (including group fitness and WellConnect counseling)
  • Community Discounts
  • Life in Monterey (including local resources like transportation, local banks, and places of worship/the MIIS prayer room)
  • Veterans
  • Families (including infant nursing room)
  • LGBTQ+
  • Student Policies
  • Please note that SILP students are not required to get a MIIS ID, but will need to obtain a MIIS ID in order to check items out of the MIIS library and to benefit from community discounts for MIIS students. You may obtain a MIIS ID by bringing your Banner ID (given to you in your official acceptance letter) to the Security Office (#11 on the MIIS map).