To activate your MIIS account, you will need your Banner ID, which is included in your acceptance letter and will also be printed on your orientation folder.


Go to to activate your account. Your 8-digit ID will be your Banner ID. Your 6-digit pin will be your date of birth (MMDDYY). Follow the instructions to reset your pin and to set your password. Note that on the “Activate” page, your username will appear on the top of the page in red. (For more detailed instructions with screenshots, click here.)


To log in to your email, go to Your email address will be (or, for some students, If you’re not sure, your email address will also be printed on your orientation folder.


To connect to the Middlebury Wi-Fi, go to settings on your device and choose Wi-Fi settings. Choose the MiddleburyCollege network and enter your Middlebury email account and password. Click “join” and accept the certificate. For more instructions or other questions about connecting to Wi-Fi, click here.